HUITEX® Aquaculture Lining System

High Density Polyethylene’s safe, nontoxic properties make HUITEX® Geomembrane an ideal Lining material for the aquaculture.

75% of shrimp productions cultured by all semi-intensive farmers worldwide are Litopenaeus Vannamei (whiteleg shrimp). The other 25% still culture Penaeus Monodon (black tiger shrimp) which used to be the most cultured shrimp species in the world. Vannamei shrimps are a result of a very sophisticated shrimp breeding technology that promises farm owners the potential to culture 5-10 times the amount of shrimp per meter in comparison to the old monodon breed. This is where HDPE geomembrane become a widely demanded commodity to all shrimp farm owners worldwide.

Vannamei shrimps can survive in a high density environment. However, it requires special method to culture this breed which is known as the Bio Floc System. The idea behind Bio Floc system is to eliminate all organic matters in the water that is pump into the ponds from the sea and then replaces them with all the good organic matters that are beneficial to the shrimps.

Since all soil pond contains some sort of bacteria and minerals, farm owners can eliminate them by concreting or cementing their ponds. However this solution proves to be expensive and time consuming. HDPE Geomembrane becomes the most sought after alternative because it takes less than a day to install and it is 1/3 the price of concreting a pond.

HUITEX® HDPE Geomembrane have made its name in the Aquaculture Industry around the world. Those benefits are such as:

  • Non Toxic for shrimp
  • Ability to retain Oxygen longer because of its black color
  • Cleans easier than soil therefore increases the harvest cycle per year by a more than 20%
  • Prevent water loss, best practice to prevent against warned or unwarned earthquakes which happens quite frequently


HUITEX® Aquaculture Lining System Specifications

Traditionally, earthen ponds and raceways are used for prawn farming. In such practice, contamination of soil, deadly diseases and inconsistent yields are common.

Recently these defects have been improved gradually by applying innovative HUITEX® Aquaculture Lining System.

Recommended specification: HUITEX HDPE AQUACULTURE LINER