HUITEX® executes the standardized quality assurance and control (QA/QC), continuously monitor from the raw materials, components, production to finished products.

Since 2000, all the R&D, production, QA/QC, and sales of HUITEX® been certified according to ISO 9001. This certification is regularly re-validated by scheduled audits.

The CE-marking is another achievement of HUITEX® guidelines. The CEmarking certifies that a product corresponds to the European guidelines for specific applications and functions. From 2007, The CE-marking is awarded for HUITEX® geomembranes. It meant HUITEX’s geomembranes have crossed the barrier in European and worldwide. HUITEX® is taking all necessary steps to put into effect the compulsory CE marking

With the total quality management system, the requirements of the customer and project are easily fulfilled. While we continually work with passion to improve the quality level of our existing products, a quality product is guaranteed by our standards.