Sodium chloride (NaCI) is an essential nutrient for human health as well as important element in Chemical industry.

The traditional method of extracting salt from seawater is mainly adopted the solar evaporation method. The concentration of salt is gradually increased when the seawater is introduced into the salt field one after another. When the brine concentration is reached to crystallize, salt particles are finally formed under the urging of the UV environment with proper wind. However, solar salt requires a large area of salt fields. With the process of industrialization and land acquisition is not easy than ancient period, how to provide an economical and efficient way to increase the yield of production became a hot issue in the salt industry.


HUITEX HDPE Geomembrane is made by 97% of safe and non-toxic polyethylene resin, mixed with appropriated carbon black and antioxidants to create long durability and low degradation by chemical, biological and Ultra Violet.

With very low permeability and well performance in chemical and durability resistance, HUITEX Geomembrane is considered as economic and efficient material applied in salt evaporation pond.


The crystallization process took place in lined evaporation pond, which not only increase the yield of production but also shorten the period of harvest. Compared with the conventional method, the lined evaporation system can capture the salt within 10 days depending on the weather condition. The benefit is not included as mentioned above but easy harvest the salt table with cleaner and good condition for next crystallization.


Recommended thickness in evaporation pond: HDPE smooth 0.50mm to 1.50mm.


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