HUITEX® Geomembrane for Power Station Application

As the GDP grows, more new power stations have to be built for the surge of electricity demand in the developing countries. HDPE Geomembrane is widely used for the various storage ponds in the power stations. Such as

  • Evaporation pond
  • cooling pond
  • cooling and brine pond
  • Interval pumped storage pond – use the excess nighttime capacity to pump the water from the lower pond to the higher pond so that the hydroelectric energy can be generated by the elevation difference during the day.  
  • Coal ash dams –for coal-fired power plants HUITEX® Geomembrane is made from premium virgin polyethylene resin, blended with adequate carbon black and antioxidant to ensure the excellent UV resistance and durability. HUITEX® Geomembrane is most suitable to the applications for power stations.