HUITEX® Geocell made of virgin polyethylene strips, which as same as HUITEX® Geomembrane, have high tensile and peel strength. With its flexible and lightweight cellular confinement system, HUITEX® Geocell provides the most suitable solution for soil stabilization, erosion control and earth protection. Further, HUITEX® Geocell system also featuring:

  1. Reduces infill cost, onsite fill is fully accepted
  2. Eco-friendly, open-cell structure easily for vegetation
  3. 3D honeycomb confines and stabilizes cohesionless soils
  4. Be a protective layer, over the impermeable geomembrane
  5. Benefit from excellent seam strength, delivery vertical load into cell and infill

Specialized in:

  • Slope protection
  • Erosion control
  • Channel protection
  • Embankments
  • Retaining wall